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The Runner – a second single from The Boxer Rebellion’s 2011 album The Cold Still

We are also watching the video styled by the fabulous Sascha Lilic

“We took the cornerstone idea of honesty and its fragility from the lyrics, and created a narrative that would be both completely surprising and utterly compelling,” says co-director Ishbel Whittaker. “We wanted to make something that was playful and naughty, but also profound, raw and honest. We compressed 24 hours of a drunken rollercoaster of highs and lows, passion and heartache, into 4 minutes. We explore a frenzied relationship, and presented the viewer with something that might be seen at first glance as controversial or sensational, but break through this…. break through the fashionista styling, photo-shoot imagery, the beauty, the sexuality, the crazy night out… and try and find an intimate humanity that is shockingly real. We cast Hannah May and Andrea Chovanova to star. The fact that it’s two girls shouldn’t be an issue. We say “why not?” love is love…”

It features a Macrame fringe top from Eleanor Amoroso’s AW11 collection, click here to get your hands on some