Today Sir Clive Sinclair announced news of a new low-cost games computer based on his successful Spectrum products which were released in the early 1980’s.


The Sinclair Spectrum Vega uses a low-cost micro-controller and a clever piece of software that enable the Vega to run all of the 14,000 games that were developed during the years when 5 million of the original Spectrum were being sold.

ZX Vega Controller2

The Sinclair Spectrum Vega is simple to use but far less expensive than previous products. It plugs straight into a TV so the user does not need a computer monitor, and comes with 1,000 games built in, with the user being able to download additional games free of charge on the web. vega_tv-2

The Sinclair Spectrum Vega will cost under £100 and will be available from the company’s site.