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This morning, 12 MA Menswear students showcased their final collections.
Bright and bold designs contrasted against the beautiful scenery of the Old chapel pillars along with peaceful atmospheric sound gave an overal brilliant performance.

1. KITTY NG – Tassell-featuring accessories and clothing with metallic netted outerwear.

2 KA KUI CHENG – Bright and Bold Geographical themed streetwear.
IMG_0759      IMG_0765      IMG_0753

3. EMMA FENTON VILLAR – Silver/Grey weaved with patterened Tailoring and Outerwear
IMG_0768       IMG_0769       IMG_0771

4. GEBEI HE – Skull moulded hat teamed up with thick colourful knitwear.
IMG_0775       IMG_0777       IMG_0781

5. YOUNG HWAN YANG – Printed Neopreme streetwear and tailoring.
IMG_0783       IMG_0786       IMG_0787

6. XUEFEI WANG – Black and Cream tailoring.
IMG_0794             IMG_0795

7. ROBERTO ANTONIO SLUSARZ FILHO – Indian inspired bold tunics.
IMG_0796       IMG_0800       IMG_0804

8. JASMINE HAOYAO DENG – Mohawk Safari hats with tailoring and bold jumpsuits.

9. THIEN TRANG BUI – Silver Tailoring, floral details.
IMG_0810        IMG_0811       IMG_0813

10. XIAOLI SU – Art Deco tailoring, bold prints
IMG_0814       IMG_0821       IMG_0825

11. JUN ZHOU – Black and bold tailoring with fluffy accessories.
IMG_0827       IMG_0830        IMG_0836

12. NA LIU – Explores fluidity with drapery, tailoring with floral headpieces.
Check our Instagram for videos of this collection and others – @BlowPR