Freya Dalsjø
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Freya Dalsjø provokes the establishment with an artistic and architectural approach to fashion. Her signature is the beauty in the balance between contrasts; materials, textures, colours & emotions. Her love for fur has been further explored through a collaboration with Kopenhagen Fur. A material which she irreverently mixes with neoprene.

Mark Kenly Domino Tan
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In 2012m Mark Kenily Domino Tan won the National H&M Award proving his talent. The following year he debuted at Copenhagen S/S14 collection praised by global press. MARK KENLY DOMINO TAN IS NOMINATED FOR THE DANSK DESIGN TALENT AWARD 2014.

Nicklas Skovgaard

Nicklas Skovgaard was established with an ambition to make clothing of the highest possible standard. This being the invariable guiding principle, Nicklas Skovgaard seeks to challenge and evolve typical garments through playful and abstract interpretations of the classic silhouettes and shapes. This is done by use of high-quality and old Nordic materials such as lambswool and fox fur and with great fascination of contrast and colors.