Tate Live: Up Hill Down Hall: An Indoor Carnival



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Looks like rain might be in the forecast for this weekend but don’t let that get in the way of having fun. Tate is throwing an indoor carnival with a mix of artists working with visuals and sound. Get immersed in the spirit of carnival through these diverse artists with Tate Live: Up Hill Down Hall.

For more information visit: Tate.org.uk

Boomf Pop-up Shop

Picture 8

Has anyone ever told you they could ‘just eat you up’? Now, that’s possible at Selfridges with the Boomf pop-up shop. You will be able to print your favorite Instagram photos on marshmallow squares in minutes…then eat it in minutes. Available at ‘Meet The Makers’ section in Selfridge’s food hall.


Return of the Rudeboy-Final Days



Picture 6

It’s the final few days of Somerset House exhibition “Return of the Rudeboy” and they are going out with a bang. Tonight is the last ‘Rudeboy Late’, featuring Legend Don Letts who will read extracts from his book ‘Culture Clash’ and DJ sets in the gallery from Jo Wallace, Ashley Beedle, Don Letts and more. Don’t miss out.


For more information on this stylish exhibition visit: http://www.somersethouse.org.uk/visual-arts/return-of-the-rudeboy

Elevated Artfair @ Leadenhall Market



Picture 2

Art with a side of music, food and drinks. Leadenhall Market is featuring emerging and established artists from around the world in London’s Elevated Artfair. Live art and exhibitions will be buzzing through the passages of the old market bringing unique yet affordable art to your fingertips. Elevated Artfair runs through this Friday.

Jean Paul Gaultier for Lindex



Picture 11

Jean Paul Gaultier is designing a capsule range for affordable Scandinavian fashion chain, Lindex. The collection will take some of his classics such as his tattoo design and nautical stripes and interpret them a new way. It will go on sale in stores an online beginning October 8th and best of all, a portion of proceeds will go towards breast cancer research.

Karl Lagerfeld’s Latest Muse






Eurovision song contest + Karl Lagerfeld? Yes, Austria’s Conchita Wurst has gotten Karl’s seal of approval and got shot by Mr.Lagerfeld himself. Looks like Conchita has a bright future in the fashion industry after closing Jean Paul Gaultier’s haute couture show last month. It seems the fashion industry has really taken to this newly discovered star.


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